Art of Assisting FAQ

How is this course setup?

We are using an intuitive, yet robust learning platform, called Academy of Mine. Once you enroll in the course, you’ll be directed to setup a profile. Within 24 hours of setting up your profile, we will add you to the course. After that, you’ll be able to login to access the course. 

Will I get access to everything at once? 

In order to provide a container for this practice and process, one lesson will be covered each week for 6 weeks. As soon as you have course access, you’ll get access to introductory lectures and practices that will thread through the entire course.

I live in a different timezone (or country or continent)? Will I be able to participate in the course?

The course is setup so that it works for individuals no matter where they live in the world. New content will be released each week, and you can work through the practices, videos and exercises at your own pace. Then, we’ll have a dedicated Facebook group set up for questions and conversations. The group works well for people to drop in, comment and participate in their own time. 

Will we be doing a physical practice with this course? 

Yes. Each section has an asana practice and a set of sun salutations that works with the theme for that week. 

How much time should I plan to spend each week?

Each week includes approximately 2.5 hours of video content, including practices, dharma talks and discussions of the philosophy underlying the practice of assisting, and demos. We recommend meeting with a friend or another teacher to practice assists for at least one hour each week.

How does it work to study assisting in a virtual format?

This is an excellent question. Janet has been offering live courses on assisting for over a decade, and her approach goes far beyond the physical. Many of the modules explore the broader practices of yoga—intention (sankalpa), self-study (svadhyaya) and more as they relate to offering hands-on assists. In other words, this course offers an opportunity for a deep inquiry into why we assist and how we connect when we do.

In addition, we strongly encourage everyone who joins to find a way to practice. Whether you join with a friend, work with a family member, or find a way to assist in another teacher’s class, there is no replacement for hands-on practice, ideally with one or more people who will share honest, compassionate feedback.

Can I rewatch or review content from earlier weeks?

Yes, absolutely. Once content for a week is unlocked, you will have access to that in the future. You can return to the course at any time and you’ll receive any updates to the curriculum for future course releases as well.

In what circumstances can I get a refund? 

The course is non-refundable, since you get lifetime access to the content. If you have serious extenuating circumstances, email and we’ll discuss options.

Who can I email if my question wasn’t answered here? 

Email if you have other questions.


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