Bhakti | Devotion

Our beating, pulsing, live-giving, life-sustaining hearts.

The remarkable vitality they push through our entire beings—moment after moment, steadily, tenaciously.

And yet, how infrequently we actually pause and feel our heartbeat.

To me, bhakti—the yoga of the heart—is a reminder to feel deeply into this powerful rhythm that moves everything we do, that sets the tempo of our every gesture, every word, every action. It’s a practice of gratefulness.

But it also reminds me that the very organ that powers us is at the same time the seat of our love and compassion. That these two things are inextricable from each other.

And so bhakti reminds me how to live in the moments when I’m not chanting: with the tenderness, compassion, and grace that I can only offer the world thanks to the power of this beating heart.

Through this lens of the hridaya (spiritual heart) we get a glimpse behind the illusion of separation and melt into the global community of living beings, all longing for joy, connection, and love.

OM OM OM into the center of the heart and then ripples right back out again.



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