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Moving toward Silence

Lift the veil that obscures the heart and there you will find what you are looking for ~ Kabir Giving ourselves the gift of turning down the noise and moving toward silence can open an inner expanse. We put down doing to arrive into our own undoing, to the lift the veil. When we take…

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While learning  “to speak up” is a lifelong journey, the time to speak up at the polls is now.  What is it to have a voice? To use it to speak in alignment with love and clarity and power. And, what is the relationship between the yoga practice and voting? The underlying teaching, that we…

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Prana Vayus

Attending to the Subtle Body. I walk through my days relating to the world through my physical body (sthula sarira); experiencing life through my senses and all of the ways they connect me to the outer world. Often I get stuck there—in this purely gross, physical, tangible sense of “self,” formed by my relationship with…

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The lists are never ending. The “to do’s” and “ought to do’s” pile up. The pressure to produce, complete, prepare, create, and [insert your own verb here] is relentless. Do more yoga. Do more parenting. Do more service. Do more self-care. Do more housework. Do more… We’re living in a cultural moment in which it’s…

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Half a dollar. Rapper. Half a hundred. Shades of gray. Number of states in the United States. Natural number following 49 and preceding 51. Nearly my age. I’m moving toward the great celebration of being in this body for fifty—count ‘em, fifty—years. We humans like to assign meaning to things; and while I find myself…

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As simple and profound as OM NAMAH SHIVAYA The spaces in between. The creation balanced with destruction. To have is to let go. Many years ago, after another long sojourn to India I returned with three marks still across my forehead, throat, heart and wrists. They had been dusted onto me by the fingers of…

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Bhakti | Devotion

Our beating, pulsing, live-giving, life-sustaining hearts. The remarkable vitality they push through our entire beings—moment after moment, steadily, tenaciously. And yet, how infrequently we actually pause and feel our heartbeat. To me, bhakti—the yoga of the heart—is a reminder to feel deeply into this powerful rhythm that moves everything we do, that sets the tempo…

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What in my life feels empty? What am I trying to fill it with? Will that void ever be filled by my consumption? I ask myself these questions often when I’m considering getting another thing, consuming more media, the next new product… more stuff. What is it worth to us, as humans, to consume resources…

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India: Journey toward balance and integration

My childhood was full of stories about India. My mother’s side of the family had been born and raised for many generations in a village called Hyderabad—a place that felt mysterious, mystical, and far far away, no matter how many times I heard those stories. My first journey there was to reconnect with my family…

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Yoga is a lifelong practice

To be seen. To arrive again and again: heart bared, emotional, somatic wounds revealed, a rich and tender vulnerability. This is studentship. This is arriving again and again. Not arriving in order to be fixed by another, but rather to lay oneself out to be witnessed. Witnessed during the euphoria of falling in love, the…

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