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Earth Day

We see the natural world breathing a sigh of relief from the near-incessant human encroachment. Our footprint upon this planet has been nothing short of catastrophic as we’ve erased billions of years of evolution in biodiversity and harmony in exchange for our momentary conveniences. Now, here we are, asked for a very short moment, to…

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Chanting l Yoga of the Heart

Fear. Anxiety. Anticipation. Longing. Love. Frustration. Hope. Whatever you’re holding, carrying, or feeling, I’m pleading for you to bring it all. This is a gathering where you don’t have to clean yourself up to arrive. Your raw, full, vulnerable YOU is being asked to simply show up, as you are. Every emotion is fuel for…

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It’s not about me

It’s not about me. This has been my mantra for decades. ⁣ We personalize everything, making it about the I/Me/My, as if the world spins around the Self. It’s natural, for sure…we all experience life through this Me. ⁣ However, this mantra is a reminder that life has been flowing for billions of years, births…

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Social Spaciousness

Dear Sangha,  Thank the shining stars for YOU! Community is one of the biggest gifts we have in times of crisis. As we face this global challenge—the broad panic, the shifts to our lives as we know them, our individual confrontations with the unknown—it’s important to remember that we also have a global community…one as…

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Power of Pain

On Love & Pain I love you so much it hurts. This sentiment has crossed lips for as long as humans have been “falling” in love. Poets, spiritual teachers, lyricists—all who write on the human condition—have spoken to the pain of love. Let’s consider the term falling: giving into a gravity we have no control of, a…

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A sacred temple must be maintained. If it isn’t, it’s no longer sacred, since it’s precisely the acts of attention and care that make a space so. If left to sit unattended, the inevitable decay and disrepair take over. Order returns to chaos, the great rule of life. And as with temples, so with bodies….

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What’s in an intention

Intention, simply, is a gathering of energy and turning of attention. It’s based in the present moment but it has one eye gazing toward the future. Intentions hold dreams, hopes, and in many cases, the expectations we hold of ourselves and of this life that is unfolding through us. When used wisely, intentions are the…

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Ending Well

The end of anything marks the beginning of something else. To honor these moments (arbitrary as they may be) and take the time to end well sets up the stage for how we will begin… or how we will begin again. As we tip from one year into the next—one decade into the next—we have…

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Healing Family Wounds

Unwrapping your gifts: Healing family wounds  Perhaps you’ve had the experience of opening a wrapped gift slowly—taking the lid off the box, pushing the tissue aside, only to discover something you didn’t even know you wanted, right there in front of you. This is how I think about what it means to unwrap a self…

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I need more time, more money, more practice, more quiet, more travel, more… I don’t give enough to my kids, to my work, to my community, to the planet, to… Do these lists sound familiar to you? The things you “lack”? The things you’re “failing” to do?  These lists—the LACK LIST, the FAILURE LIST—have such…

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