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Writings from Janet

The Grace of Remembering

Forget. Remember. Forget again. Remember again. Tell yourself not to forget next time. Forget again… and oh, then remember. This is the experience of yoga. Or at least, it’s the one I’m familiar with. The grace of remembering my true nature; the humanness of the forgetting that follows; the drama-chasing and living from my small…

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Sustaining the flame of practice The years and then the decades roll by; and to sustain a vigor and passion for the humbling practices of yoga… well, it’s not easy. None of the teachings of yoga say it will be. Indeed, they caution us again and again that dedication will take every last drop of…

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What are nutrients and what is waste? This has been on my mind since spending a couple of weeks at an ayurvedic center in India where most of the conversation is about digestion. Every experience or item we take into our bodies can be broken down into nutrients or waste. In an optimal state, we…

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Discomfort. We all experience it. It is a recognition that what is happening is not in accordance with our beliefs about the way things should be.Now, what to do in this moment when that lurking sense of discomfort arises? In my worst moments, I bear witness to my own avoidance patterns and the many forms that avoidance…

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Moving toward Silence

Lift the veil that obscures the heart and there you will find what you are looking for ~ Kabir Giving ourselves the gift of turning down the noise and moving toward silence can open an inner expanse. We put down doing to arrive into our own undoing, to the lift the veil. When we take…

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While learning  “to speak up” is a lifelong journey, the time to speak up at the polls is now.  What is it to have a voice? To use it to speak in alignment with love and clarity and power. And, what is the relationship between the yoga practice and voting? The underlying teaching, that we…

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Prana Vayus

Attending to the Subtle Body. I walk through my days relating to the world through my physical body (sthula sarira); experiencing life through my senses and all of the ways they connect me to the outer world. Often I get stuck there—in this purely gross, physical, tangible sense of “self,” formed by my relationship with…

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The lists are never ending. The “to do’s” and “ought to do’s” pile up. The pressure to produce, complete, prepare, create, and [insert your own verb here] is relentless. Do more yoga. Do more parenting. Do more service. Do more self-care. Do more housework. Do more… We’re living in a cultural moment in which it’s…

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Half a dollar. Rapper. Half a hundred. Shades of gray. Number of states in the United States. Natural number following 49 and preceding 51. Nearly my age. I’m moving toward the great celebration of being in this body for fifty—count ‘em, fifty—years. We humans like to assign meaning to things; and while I find myself…

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As simple and profound as OM NAMAH SHIVAYA The spaces in between. The creation balanced with destruction. To have is to let go. Many years ago, after another long sojourn to India I returned with three marks still across my forehead, throat, heart and wrists. They had been dusted onto me by the fingers of…

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