5 Elements & Yoga: A Teacher Training

July 5-9

Earth | Water | Fire | Air | Ether

We can clearly see what happens to the planet when we’re out of balance, when we over-consume: It is unsustainable. Applying the wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga we will discover how we can bring the building blocks of the natural world  into balance in our bodies and the planet as a whole.

Our bodies are an expression of the five elements. Through asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, and our connection to the land and sea, we will bring ourselves back into balance with a profound inner harmony.

For five days, perched on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean with the redwoods and mountains at our back, we will touch earth, water, fire, air, and ether.  We’ll explore the power of the five elements quite literally and energetically on the potent land and within our own bodies.


In this workshop, we’ll study how to balance and harness the energies of these fundamental building blocks of all life.

  • Earth | Prithvi: Solid state of matter providing strength and stability.
  • Water | Apas: Cohesive, connected, expressing dynamic flow.
  • Fire | Agni: Hot, sharp, bright giving discernment and the power of transformation.
  • Air | Vayu: Breath, mobility, life, movement allowing for life.
  • Ether | Akasha: Context, space, All elements come from ether, unending and boundless space.

We’ll honor our deeply intimate connection to the planet, recognizing that all we have comes from the earth, and explore how these five elements manifest in our own bodies and all of the living beings with whom we share space.

Required and recommended books will be emailed along with other course details.

This training counts for 25 continuing education hours through Yoga Alliance or can be used toward Janet’s training programs.

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Please note, only existing social pods can share rooms. You’ll want to have your social pod’s plans in place before booking.




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