Chanting | Yoga of the Heart

Sept. 19-Oct. 31

Connect to the heart of yoga
Bhakti | Devotion

Immerse in the bhakti tradition of heart-centered practices, including chanting. We’ll explore the joyful and meditative journey of singing to the divine, which creates a bridge between the individual and the eternal, opening the heart and welcoming the spirit.

By singing these prayers we unite our voices and join in a stream of consciousness and devotion that has been flowing for centuries. We’ll chant, chant, chant and drink in the wisdom of guest musicians Girish, Nat Kendall, and Sita Devi, who will share their experience and interpretation of bhakti in the training.

We will explore

  • Mantra and meaning
  • How to lead chanting
  • Basic harmonium skills
  • Stories of the deities/aspects of the self we invoke through chanting
  • What devotion means in our own lives
  • Expression through sound and voice
  • English translations of Sanskrit chants
  • Intention and sound
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Who This Is For:

  • Dedicated yoga practitioners who feel the calling to go deeper, integrating the philosophy of yoga into their daily life & practice
  • Yoga teachers who want to deepen their practice of bhakti, and share it in their own teaching
  • Those who have trained to teach, but want to gain a more complete grasp of the heart of yoga before beginning to teach
  • Anyone who wishes who live from a sense of devotion and express that in the world

Course Content and Outline:

The course includes over 6 weeks of guided study and practice that include:

  • Weekly dharma talks and discussions about devotion, chanting, and self-expression
  • Chants and more chants, including written transliterations of the sanskrit and melodies
  • Asana and seated practices to support the breath and connect to your heart
  • Lifetime access to ongoing course updates
  • Questions for self-study and contemplation
  • A dedicated Facebook group for discussion and community connection
  • Bonus offering: A few chants will be taught on the harmonium
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  • Available when you enroll: Intro—Why we Chant. Explore why we chant and meet Janet and the guest teachers.
  • September 19: Module 1—What is Bhakti? Explore the meaning of bhakti, yoga of the heart.
  • September 26: Module 2—Variations of Chanting. Explore different kinds of chanting, including sanskrit, bija (seed mantras), chakra mantras, and more.
  • October 3: Module 3—Chanting and mythology. Explore chants to different embodiments of the divine, and explore how these reflect aspects of ourselves.
  • October 10: Module 4—Exploring the Voice and Music. Explore ways to tap into your unique voice, and explore the musical scales used in many mantras.
  • October 17: Module 5—Exploring Voice and Rhythm. Go deeper into explorations of the voice. 
  • October 24: Module 6—Integration. Explore chanting in a class

Certification Hours:

The immersion can be taken for 30 non-contact hours for continuing education or Janet’s 300/500-hour program.

Required Reading:

Music and Mantras: The Yoga of Mindful Singing for Health, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity by Girish.


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Praise for prior Janet’s virtual course, Living the Yamas

Janet’s presentation of each Yama is approachable and allows for soul stirring, resounding contemplation. She opens the door to allow the light, and teaches us to honor the parts of ourselves that we may not like all that much, while exposing the beauty within. Her storytelling skills are amazing, and I eagerly anticipate learning each chant from her and the interpretation of sanskrit.” — Jessica, 500 Hour Teacher-Training Student

“Janet’s online yamas course was such a great experience.  I had never taken an online course before and I really enjoyed it for many reasons. In terms of my personal practice it gave me a focus for my practice and the self-development work with daily asana, pranayama and mantra.  It was also so great, as it served to stimulate a lot of self-reflection of certain behaviors and patterns in my life, as they relate to the yamas. It was great way to connect to the Sangha due to the partner work involved in the course.  All of the above served to enhance my teaching and deepen my offerings.” — Tanya Skok Hobbs, Yoga Teacher, Squamish, BC

I feel so blessed to have been part of Janet’s ‘Living the Yamas’ online training.  It felt so beautifully put together, and I really appreciated the structure and support it gave to my practice. It felt luxurious to spend a week on each Yama, and I feel like I came to understand each deeply through it’s connections to the deities, pranayama techniques, stories and asana. The weekly reflections allowed me to understand my own habits and patterns through the Yamas and how to work with myself using the principles of the Yamas as guidance.  Janet is so right, this is an ongoing journey.  This course has given me the foundation to keep coming back to the principles of the Yamas in my daily practice.” — Raya, Teacher Training Student

About Janet Stone

alikaukas_9924_finalJanet’s studentship began at 17 under the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. His reverence for simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life live on in her practice and teaching today. In 1996, she traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Janet blends the alchemy of her own practice with decades of studentship. She aspires not to teach but to allow the practice to emanate from her, letting awareness blend with movement and breath. Based in Bali and San Francisco, she leads immersions, retreats, workshops and more.

Guest Teachers


Girish is an eclectic artist with roots in jazz, world, and sacred music. His musical talents find expression in a wide array of instruments – including tablas, world percussion, guitar, harmonium, and voice. For as long as he can remember, Girish has created rhythm to accompany life. When he was eight years old, his parents gave him a little red snare drum as a bargaining tool to stop him from banging on everything else in the house.

Sita Devi

Sita Devi is a yogini, kirtan artist, and ecstatic dance facilitator in service to the divine. She holds a BFA in dance from the University of California Santa Barbara, completed her 500 hours of training in Kona, Hawaii in 2007, and has been teaching yoga for 10 years most exclusively at Namaste Yoga + Wellness in Oakland, Yoga Tree in Berkeley, Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, and at festivals and conferences worldwide. She teaches various modalities of Yoga including Vinyasa Flow, Bhakti Vinyasa Flow, and Restorative Yin. In 2015, Sita filmed a complete Bhakti Yin series for Udaya Yoga Online in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nat Kendall

San Francisco based yoga teacher, world music recording artist and devoted student of yoga, Nat Kendall shares his wisdom of the teachings in a heartfelt and grounded way that will easily awaken beginners and re-inspire long time practitioners. Instantly accessible and relevant to our modern times, the grace of Nat’s teachings pour through in tangible practices, tools, techniques and insights that are sure to enlighten your spiritual path and yogic journey.

Enrollment & Pricing

Enrollment will be open for a few weeks after the course begins. Then, we’ll close enrollment until the 2020 offering of the course.

Choose to pay in a single payment or over four months. Both options are listed in USD.

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