Energetic Alignment

Virtual Training | March 2020

What does it mean to align?

Are you looking to find inspiration and grace in your teaching or practice? Are you seeking a deeper understanding of alignment within the flow? This virtual training will support an intuitive and playful approach to alignment that goes beyond muscle and bone.

You’ll learn to:

    • Create a steady foundation for both simple and complex postures.
    • Explore how internal experiences shape outer alignment.
    • Align the physical body with emotions, experience and history
    • Bring sankalpa/intention into each pose and the transitions between poses
    • Integrate a sense of spanda (expansion and contraction) into practice
    • Explore the five directions of prana as a foundation to physical and emotional integration and alignment
    • Understand the key anatomical foundations for alignment, via guest teacher, Harvey Deutch

Alignment from the inside means:

  • Finding the physical alignment that works for your body.
  • Supporting your students as they explore their body’s internal wisdom.
  • Exploring asana and flow from a place of stability and ease
  • Allowing prana to move through the body and through the pose.
  • Finding a sense of wholeness in the body.

Who This Is For:

  • Dedicated yoga practitioners who feel the calling to go deeper, to experience a sense of wholeness in asana and beyond
  • Yoga teachers who wish to better understand alignment, and share it in their own teaching
  • Those who have gone through yoga teacher training, but want to gain a more complete grasp of alignment and sequencing before beginning to teach
  • Anyone who wishes to experience more inner peace, strength and certainty on their path

Course Details:

Over two months, we will explore alignment through:

  • PRANA VAYU: The sense of drawing in
  • APANA VAYU: The sense of rooting down
  • SAMANA VAYU: The sense of circulating inward
  • UDANA VAYU: The sense of expanding upward
  • VYANA VAYU: The sense of emanating outward

Each weekly practice set includes:

  • An Introduction to the Week
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Mantra/Chanting
  • Mudra
  • Practical Applications of key concepts
  • Anatomy lesson + discussion with guest teacher, Harvey Deutch
  • Practical application for the anatomy with Harvey
  • Sun Salutations
  • Questions for Contemplation

The course is hosted on an easy-to-use learning platform, so that each weeks’ materials are at your fingertips. All students receive Lifetime Access to the course.

The immersion can be taken for 25 non-contact hours for continuing education or Janet’s 300/500-hour program.

About Janet Stone

alikaukas_9924_finalJanet’s studentship began at 17 under the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. His reverence for simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life live on in her practice and teaching today. In 1996, she traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Janet blends the alchemy of her own practice with decades of studentship. She aspires not to teach but to allow the practice to emanate from her, letting awareness blend with movement and breath. Based in Bali and San Francisco, she leads immersions, retreats, workshops and more.

With Special Guest Teacher, Harvey Deutch

yt-teacher-full-harvey-deutchAcclaimed physical therapist, yogi, and beloved teacher, Harvey Deutch, P.T. has been merging the art and science of yoga and physical therapy for over 33 years, exploring and perfecting the the nuances of each. His laser-sharp precision and keen eye for working with the physical form join his innate ability to understand and finesse the energetic body. Along with his signature humor, Harvey is well-known for taking two-dimensional anatomy off the page and making it burst alive on the mat.

Harvey is the founder, owner, and senior therapist at Red Hawk Physical Therapy in San Francisco. When not healing bodies at his thriving clinic, Harvey leads sell-out workshops and retreats at The Esalen Institute and at yoga studios throughout California. He is also the senior anatomy teacher for Yoga Tree San Francisco’s teacher trainings.

Energetic Alignment Virtual Training

Janet's brand new virtual training, exploring alignment from the inside out, will launch in Spring 2017. Be among the first to know when enrollment opens.

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