Nourish Bundle


In this 4 class bundle, we  slow it down by dropping into the body, mind and spirit. Through slow and fluid practices, breathwork, and meditation, we give ourselves time and space to replenish our nervous system and adrenals.


We recommend the following props for the practices in this bundle.
    • 2 blocks
    • 1 bolster (or a couple of firm pillows)
    • 1 blanket
    • 1 strap
    • 2 Yoga Balls (tennis or lacrosse balls are good substitutes)

INTEGRATIVE FLOW | balance effort and surrender

In this 37 minute slow yet fluid practice, we cultivate sustainability in the body by finding the spaces between effort and surrender. A practice to integrate the action and movement of our days.


SELF MASSAGE | touch into transition

A 30 minute self nurturing practice to stimulate and balance the energy points in the body. In this practice, we use yoga balls to relieve tension and soften inward.


NOURISHING FLOW | unwind and replenish

This 45 minute practice is designed to rebalance. Take the time to unwind tension, slow down, and replenish the nervous system and allow a sense of ease throughout the mind, body, spirit.

DEEP REST | Surrender

A deep restorative and meditative practice to cultivate rest and ease in the nervous system and mind. This practice offer an opportunity to simply rest back with support and to take a deep dive inward.



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