Janet Stone • Nat Kendall • Egemen Sanli

We will  EMERGE from this… The doors will open and we will step through them into the light, and into a new and different reality. These tracks are meant to accompany us as we EMERGE into community and the world with a renewed sense of self, appreciation of our global family, and inner vitality.  

Our passion to offer these ancient mantras for those living in this modern time is to illuminate a deeper connection to all living things. These chants have woven through hundreds of thousands of lifetimes. They are here to reunite ourselves with our inner wisdom and to direct our thoughts, heart, and actions to be of greater service to our deep-rooted intention. 

When we EMERGE from this time, MANTRA can help us become clear about what we want to offer the world through our actions.  What will be the spark, the deeper understanding from this time that will allow us to EMERGE with clarity of intention and focus, more fortified and grounded?


1. Shiva Shambo

2. Sarasvati

3. Jai Ambe (featuring Madhu Anziani)

4. Lokah

5. Shiva Savasana 


Available for presale on iTunes on May 19. The full album will be available on May 29.


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