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Asheville Yoga Festival, North Carolina

July 25, 2019 - July 28, 2019

Thursday July 25
8:00am-12:00pm (immersion at Mezzanine)
Sustainability: Body & Earth 
In this intensive, we’ll dive into the five elements of yoga: earth/prithvi, water/apas; fire/tapas; air/vayu; and ether/akasha. We’ll honor our deeply intimate connection to the planet, recognizing that all we have comes from the earth and how these 5 elements manifest in our own bodies and all of the living beings with whom we share space.

Through practice, we’ll explore the possibility of slowing seemingly insatiable appetite for more more more and find balance in the elements within us and beyond.
Through asana, discussion, chanting and pranayama, we will explore a balanced and sustainable body that will increase our chances to support a planet to be sustainable.


Friday July 26
Agni Ignition (w/ DJ Drez)
The principles of fire in the universe are called “agni” in Sanskrit, meaning “the transforming force.” In this class, we’ll focus on the transitions between the poses in sun salutations and creative sequences designed to build heat. We’ll use the breath, body, and concentration to illuminate where we’ve been holding on and accumulating old undigested experiences in body and mind, then we’ll stoke the fire to cleanse and clear out.

Saturday July 27
One Love  ( w/ DJ Drez)
Inspired by Bob Marley’s One Love Revolution, Janet will lead you through movement, chanting, dance, and prayer to dissolve hardened boundaries and create connection while DJ Drez provides a powerful Bob Marley exclusive playlist. By unwinding the tension in your muscle tissue and nervous system, you will liberate yourself from the small confines of self-based living and expand into a greater awareness with a broader sense of kindness toward all beings.

Sunday July 28
Forgiveness Flow (w/ DJ Drez)
Dive below the surface of the asana to unearth the healing aspect of the forgiveness practice. In this practice we look to move through that which is stuck and binds us old habitual loops, patterns, and addictive behaviors—in other words to forgive is the free ourselves from some of our samskaras. The asana will focus on twists, hip and side body opening, along with the power of heating the body to detoxify.


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