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Lululemon Sweatlife Festival – London

June 22, 2019 - June 23, 2019

June 22

4:15-5pm Body and Soul

Join global ambassador Janet Stone for a practice that emphasises fluid movement, connection to the breath and internal focus. Among the chaos and constant flux of daily life, this class (open to all levels) will help you find your still point – the place within you that remains steady when everything around you is changing. Create a harmony between body and soul, that you can carry around, and return to, every day.


June 23

10:15-11am Crazy in Love

Sometimes it’s hard to show up as we are, no holding back, no shying away. This practice, led by global ambassador Janet Stone, explores the possibility of living from our fullest place and expressing ourselves without doubt, banishing those self-limiting thoughts that can often be our biggest obstacle. Expect to get deep into your hips, practice backbends, and befriend our ‘fiercest’ selves. It’s what Sri Beyoncé would want!


3:15-4:45pm Global Yoga Group Class with Janet, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Ryan Leier.

When we practice yoga, it shakes the world. Join lululemon global yoga ambassadors Janet Stone, Chelsea Jackson Roberts and Ryan Leier to do just that. Practicing together for the first time ever, this is so much more than a yoga class! With a reach that transcends their own communities, these world-renowned teachers harness their passion to elevate the world through the power of practice and invoke change on a global scale. Designed to include three remarkably diverse practices, this class will inspire the work you do on a daily basis for yourself and your community. You will be reminded of your strength, reintroduced to your resilience, and reconnected with your love of self—it’s the true definition of transformation. Meet you on the mat.


June 22, 2019
June 23, 2019

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