It’s not about me

It’s not about me.

This has been my mantra for decades. ⁣

We personalize everything, making it about the I/Me/My, as if the world spins around the Self. It’s natural, for sure…we all experience life through this Me. ⁣

However, this mantra is a reminder that life has been flowing for billions of years, births and deaths, growth and decay, chaos to order back to chaos again.

I simply get the awesome gift of flowing through this time in this body with all of its twists and turns and with each one of you. Viruses have been here for over 1.5 billion years and are not interested in global economics, individual interests, expectations, or lives. They simply are. ⁣

Today, as lives are upended, plans fade, and 8th grade graduations/class trip, work in Australia, Indonesia, Europe, Castro are all cancelled I repeat this mantra and ask these questions:

How can I show up to life as life is? ⁣
Support those who are suffering? ⁣
Be present in the vast mystery of it all? ⁣

Exhale ⁣

It’s not about me.


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