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B E G I N N I N G   A G A I N 

… with INTENTION, the engine behind my actions. Let’s do this, 2018. Let’s honor the year’s turning, and clarify (yet again) what my deep intention is. What do my body, mind, spirit, and life circumstances really long for? That’s not to say I can’t do this in the middle of the year, in the middle of a day,…

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G i v i n g

  Okay, let’s make our list. Look around, what do we need? What do our loved ones need? The most valuable currency I have is my time and my attention. So when Amazon, Facebook ads, malls (does anyone do that anymore?) attempt to convince me that my loved one needs a new gadget or some…

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From Ashes

Recently, here in Northern California, fires tore through cities and burned thousands of homes and businesses to the ground. Lives were lost, and many of us were left stunned, breathing in people’s and animals’ lost lives and dreams, and hearing stories of those who lost everything. These fires came on the heels of hurricanes that…

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I N T U I T I O N A deep trust in our innate wisdom. What is intuition?  I see at as those moments when we are moving from our deepest wisdom and authenticity. How do we tap into this sense of deeper knowing—from the body—before it is censored or cleaned up by the mind’s…

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Fierce | Compassion

I will not step aside. I’m not going to whither in the face of youth. I will not shrink back in the world of “likes” equals value and newer is better. I shall stand tall, steady in the grace of these many years lived, and I will bow to each–and-every day that has realized the…

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This world and its drama cycles seem to be forever in motion. Never ceasing. This motion requires a balance point: STILLNESS. The inner and outer chatter will never cease. Rallies, earth warming, storms coming, absurd babble from “you know who,” time passing, things to tick off the list, love to get, love that’s lost and…

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In this time on our planet, in our country, our states, our cities, our very own communities, it’s more vital than ever to bring attention toward the powerful practices of integration. The causes and conditions of dukkha (suffering) are in our hands. When we turn everything into subject/object and point our fingers at others, we…

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Why Moms Are So Hard on Themselves
Yoga Journal Blog

 “Enjoy every moment.” “It goes so fast.” Well, when I’m facing the pressures I place and possibly the current culture places on me to be an attentive, loving, understanding, nurturing mother; a beacon at school activities and in the learning arena; to cook organic, locally grown, everything-free meals; and to support my kids financially and educationally…

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What are you ALIGNING with?

In the practice of yoga we spend an exceptional amount of time looking to find and create alignment. Along the journey we hear a lot of do’s and don’ts, some musts and a few nevers. Often, depending on the tradition you’re studying or teaching, these “rules” may completely oppose what’s being taught just down the…

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Pre-packaged Yoga | Mantra Magazine

Yogalates. Core Yoga. Cardio Yoga. Yoga. Black light Yoga. This is just the beginning of a long list of specially-packaged “branded” yoga that promises to delight your senses, enhance your body, or fulfill your life. It wasn’t always so. Back in the day, most of what was called yoga took place in the inner landscape…

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