Embrace. Nurture.
Inspire. Transform.
As a global yoga warrior and servant to the breath,
Janet is a student of this heart journey. She is based in
San Francisco and lends a wealth of knowledge and yoga experience to create a unique, vigorous approach to vinyasa yoga.

From The Blog

The Goal of Life is Death

Posted by Janet Stone on Apr 16, 2014

It is through living that we experience and communicate the spirit It is through life That we learn to live in the spirit One in full quest of the spirit Knows that the goal of life is…

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Same Same But Different: Landing in Bali

Posted by jgreene on Feb 11, 2014

      Move to the other side of the world for a spell? Why? My responses range from: For the girls to attend Green School, to look around, it’s Bali, to sabbatical…

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New JSY Trainings Announced!

Posted by jgreene on Dec 15, 2013

        I'm delighted to announce that new 200- and 500-hour Janet Stone Yoga training programs are open for enrollment. I've simplified, streamlined, and expanded…

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