In the swirl and demands of modern life we often lose sight of what supports our vitality and the divine that’s here for us in this very moment. What is offered here, are a few ways to enhance your home practice with five DVD’s, and put your devotion in motion with an iTunes App.  I bow to you and your journey. Hari Om Tat Sat.

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Take me with you wherever you go, with my new iTunes App.

  •  Over 3 and a half hours of beautiful video to guide your form, and over 5 hours of audio instruction to support your physical, mental, and emotional progress.
  • Over 100 flows arranged into 10 different practices. Designed for beginner, intermediate, or advanced users.
  • Create your own sequence or let us choose one for you. And as a special gift – download free yoga music from some of Janet’s favorite artists including Girish, Rara Avis and Marla Leigh.


New DVD Series

Whether you’re looking for a practice to ignite fierce strength in your core, hips and legs (Ganesha Flow), cultivate flexibility of mind, body and heart (Ananda Vinyasa), or experience a moment to nourish and renew yourself (Radiant Mom Yoga) you’ll find it within my new DVD series.




Original DVD Series



Order Mellow and Radiant Flow together for only $19.99

2 for the price of 1

Devotion in Motion ~ The Janet Stone Yoga Clothing Line

Designed and made right here in San Francisco by Golden Goods, these high quality shirts and hoodies are made with eco ink and pre-shrunk so you’re sure to have the perfect fit. They are adorned with images of Hanuman, the ultimate symbol of devotion, and the Sanskrit text of the Hanuman Gayatri Mantra. We have one sweet Ganesha shirt style added in for grounding and clearing away obstacles in your path. OM!


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